the way forward.

Our challenge at MILC Ind. is to expand the local industrial production of small and medium sized series in France, and more precisely in the Midi-Pyrenees region, particularly in the areas of Arège and Toulouse. Initially we are focusing on the bicycle industry, from which we obtained our experience. For the future, MILC Ind. is obviously ready to deploy our expertise beyond its "natural environment".

The MILC structure is primarily based on the deployment of expertise and experience in design, industrialization and production chain monitoring.

Our origins are in the bike domain, which remains our natural and main market, even though our skills reach well beyond this field.

We are shaped by our history, with a solid experience from the bicycle manufacturing processes. More specifically: the heart of our business remains frame manufacturing, and consequently welding. The frame is the soul of the bike. Shaping tubes and welding represent the heart of the bicycle industry.

MILC Ind. is built around our own frame manufacturing unit based in Ariège. We offer welding services that meet high standards, i.e. with very high requirements regarding the appearance of the welding beads, precision (geometrical tolerance levels in cycles are very strict), and reliability.

But simply localizing the welding does not make real sense unless all other steps in the production chain are not also integrated. That is why we are surrounded by a network of local craftsmen responsive to all requests we may have: machining, shaping, finishing etc ...

The industrial landscape of the region of Midi-Pyrénées has grown significantly and mainly around the aerospace industry, which naturally brings a demand for precision mechanics. Our long-term presence in the area has allowed us to develop long-term partnerships with companies that are used to applying the standards in the aviation sector. This is the high-quality network that MILC Ind. offers today.

The added value of MILC Ind. lies in our experience in managing all this expertise in order to deliver a finished product. MILC Ind. offers a network of providers; managed and controlled by us, and for which we guarantee the ultimate quality.

If you have an industrial project and the need for production of small and medium sized series (bikes or other), it is certainly Milcable. MILC Ind. can handle your project in whole or in part. The benefits to you? - Reduced costs, optimized project management, and increased responsiveness thanks to the local concentration of services and single point overall project management.